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LADIES OF THE NIGHT ---- Ọ̀lọjá alẹ

Poets; ALAO, Afeez Oluwatamilore. (AfeezWrites) RIDWAN, Adédèjì Ọlánrewájú (Owiwi). _______________ AfeezWrites ; I felt teared up As ladies of the night dresses in nude Tossing guys to behave prudish. Ladies dress seems tattered Like a mad man apparel Owiwi ; Thieves and Queen Jezebels Are lot but friends with the night They come in the open In colours Brushed by blushing darkness They make me feel Night comes with darkness And oh! Senselessness How sad. AfeezWrites ; Today brother Samuel Tomorrow brother Joshua Leaving your dear life in promiscuity. Coupled with annihilating your soul. Littering the community with abnormality. Dispatching your virginity. Owiwi ; Night beauties, lipstick lips, pressurized buttocks Come in full glare Parade the street with a shaky-shaky gait Wait for retarded just like them, The market is here Front, back; back, front Gum-chewing Chinese Men must come for the goods, And pay for these A few minutes of enjoyment Or


Duet of Abdulrouf Wasiu and Abdulmalik Maryam Al-hassan ABIKU (A child with recourse) #Ibn_Rouf When a soul reincarnates, Rebirth! Reborn; Different lives; in disguise, In another world. #Maryam_A.A Anomaly smiles on thy face, hoping for a child; So horrible to be a monster; On the day you were born, How miraculously, I danced, on my feet; For you were like a pretty jelly fish. #Ibn_Rouf Abiku! The child with recourse, as he vanished from gatherings; between life and death; spotted again; in another image. #Maryam_A.A You returned to be unknown to me, Leaving me behind with a moody attitude, My hope was a fragile seed. As i cried deeply for you to be returned, I was so pugnacious; you wouldn't go too soon. #Ibn_Rouf The power of transformation; disappearance and repentance. Mama cried, of switch scene, But he found solace in boiled heart. On this day; that he wept, The call of heavenly age mate; Awakens his disturbing thoughts, So! Trauma presents


CRUELTY (A DUET) Poets: ALAO, Afeez Oluwatamilore.              Ridwan Adédèjì Ọlánrewájú. Afeez; Cruelty, Of behaviour reviling in pain Ruining and been merciless For violence transcends violations. Ridwan; Beds of life, We planted seeds of wickedness in Earns us a bountiful harvest Of our wicked fruits When the rain is gone And karma gyre back the evils we've done Onto our heads Afeez; At the end of the day Injustice and unfairness befalls Out of the storm of brutal acts The mischievous and malevolent impends Ridwan; Human beings, Born with two sides Make the choosing We weren't born with a hot rod in hand A burning inferno inner That they who destiny brings on our path may suffer We chose the hot iron rods When our legs became firm on the bed of life Afeezwrites; But somehow, somewhere, someday The villain, wicked and rascals Will be questioned and reckoned Because whoever do evil deeds Will be recompensed and payback. Ridwan; The creator


BOOK. Book Read it to be real Better read books to be something perfect Than been idle and lenient Read a book to get idea I read insightful books I don't cook delicious foods It is better to read books For you to know and through reading You become wise and learned. Afeezwrites.


I'm not a poet. But still a little persona in poetry Learning to evoke meanings In addition to rhythmic language I'm not a poet As my poems never evolve Folk songs as the Chinese Shijing Not even scribbling like Aristotle rhetorics. I'm not a poet Just as my poems still lack Aesthetic and rhythmic qualities As with William Shakespeare, Robert Frost And Gabriel Okara of Nigeria. I'm not a poet But just conveying my inner thoughts To reflect and correct humanity Towards the shore of negativity. _Afeezwrites


A unique state of oneness For a complete state of undivided entity The root cause of patriotism and optimism Promoting nationalism and advocating justice Let support and sustain Unity For oneness breeds tranquility and harmony Debunking terrorism, violence and other vices. _Afeezwrites


Parents, A great asset to be cherish and admire, Wonderfully given by God The Almighty. Parents, Wisdom and intelligently embodied To nurture, train and impact Against undisciplined and waywardness _Afeezwrites