Will you marry me?
While others desist
To settle and focus for a good future prospect
Hoping for a good tomorrow.

Will you marry me?
For time is so precious to waste.
Even among the unlearned,
Deceitfulness and atrocities are unjust.
Still the affection go beyond my control.

Will you marry me?
For me not to be prompted to sin
Through atrocities and hypocrisy
Killing my integrity and loyalty
Dizzying and perplex about her love
Filled with disappointment and apathy.
In the midst of lost love
Unfairness and unfaithfulness exists

Let embrace a profound affection and love
Through godliness and understanding
Amidst honesty and perseverance
To secure a good marriage and blissfull togetherness.
A matrimony where;
Truthfullnes and care exist among spouse.
And providing succor to offspring .


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