Eko! Koni baje.
Lagos, center of excellence
Occupied by people from all walks of life
Rich in excellence.

The state is a not a bed of roses
Struggling to eke out of life abound
All it takes to make ends
Smartness, strength and strong agility.

Traffic jam is inevitable
Who wins the race to board a bus?
Only those, who are strong enough
Ready to be courageous
As no time for excuses in Lagos.

Bless with many resources
Inviting and distinct tourist attraction
There is Eyo in Lagos
Highly full of traditional dresses of white attire
Accustomed to perform during the Eyo festival

The state rots with people
Full of intelligence and striving to live.
A happy and peace loving state in Nigeria.

_ALAO, Afeez Oluwatamilore (Afeezwrites)


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