Civil disturbance is a public pandemonium or hullabaloo that disturbs and do nothing good to a peace loving nation. The problem of civil disturbance is immensely increasing the rate of unemployment, corruption, poor economy and other immoral vices. I therefore wish to say that this threat has it root from the government and little could be apportioned to the citizens of a particular country.

It is undoubtedly clear that the government is responsible for civil disturbance in Nigeria which is annihilating the peace and tranquility of the country.

In first place, the abuse of the fundamental human rights by the government gives rise to the threat of civil unrest. Unlawful detention and arbitrary rullling drives the people to protest. Making use of security and other law enforcement agencies to intimidate and oppress the people tends to lead to mass killing of the people and breakdown of law and order.

Without any iota of reasonable doubt, Human Rights movement have been downsized and rebuffed. Let thinks of what happened to the Late Gani Fawehinmi, Femi Falana and the unlawful and unconstitutional arrest of Ken Saro Wiwa some other activist many but to mention a few. This acts undoubtedly give rise to unpeaceful protest and civil unrest.

Moreover, the failure of government to pay civil servant there salaries, allowance other gratuity and emoluments may as well give rise to the occurance of civil disturbance. The may result in nation wide strike by the NLC in other to force the government to pay there entitlement. In recent time as it could be seen demonstrated by the Academic Staff of Universities Union (ASUU). In most cases, this occurance may lead to unpeaceful demonstration the will equally lead to the lost of life and prosperity or even call for a state of emergency by the government.

Furthermore, the menace of elections misconduct, malpractice, falsification of results can also lead in civil disturbance. Public officer and politicians now struggle to attain political power at all cost leading to unhealthy rivalry between them, disragarding there manifestoes and constitutional duties.

In conclusion, the menace of civil disturbances needs to be refuted and do away with. For it to be claim down, Nigeria government must uphold transparency, accountability and probity. Public agent and civil servant must subscribe to there stipulated principle and stove to imbibe the principle of contitutionalism.

Finally,civil disturbance in Nigeria needs to be debunked and denied, it is important that corruption and inequitable distribution of available resources should be seriously do away with.


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