"Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are"_African proverb

I have friends of vision
Whose friendship is perpetually supportive and impactful
There are after righteousness and greatness
Ready to stand the rigour of toughness

My friends are rare gem 💎
Friends indeed at all times
One who is always there to assist ourselves
Israel Colins and Adebayo Jamiu are there,
So much inspiring and truthful friends of mine

My friends are open-minded to all
Ekunola Damilare is there when at loggerhead
Quarreling naughtily with Mayowa_Cullen
All my friends are compassionate

All my friends are morally inclined
Balogun Abdullah and Abd Azeez are self disciplined and respectful.
A unique character for good personality
Friends of mine portrays praiseworthy attributes.

Real friends embraces lofty values
Ostracizing atrocities and delinquency
Who are my friends?
An intellectual person.
A noble and righteous being.
Spiritually, emotionally and mentally perfect.


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