A holy book revealed in the month of Ramadan
A guidance and criterion for all Muslims
Indeed, Al Quran is sent down
By the noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
As a reminder to humanity

Indeed, Al Quran is like a casket of diamonds
But many are unaware of it
Shall any other book give good tidings to man?
Definitely NO!
Al Quran is a book full of blessedness
A great watchword and modus operandi to a believer.
The only scripture embodied with inspiring words.

Let read what have been revealed -Quran
For it's rewarding and perhaps a guidance
Al Quran have established prayers for the remembrance of Allah.
For it prohibits immorality and wrongdoing
And set precise details for good moral practice

Let read and learn what Al Quran entails
To increase our Iman and not to go astray
Indeed, Quran guides and purifies the soul.

So when the Qur'an is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy.(Al_Afaf 7:204).

_ALAO, Afeez Oluwatamilore


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