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For the first time in my life An individual cleared my bill All by God's grace I felt elated Full of gratitude and appreciation For being done At the right time when *cashless


" Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are "_A frican proverb I have friends of vision Whose friendship is perpetually supportive and impactful There are after righteousness and greatness Ready to stand the rigour of toughness My friends are rare gem 💎 Friends indeed at all times One who is always there to assist ourselves Israel Colins and Adebayo Jamiu are there, So much inspiring and truthful friends of mine My friends are open-minded to all Ekunola Damilare is there when at loggerhead Quarreling naughtily with Mayowa_Cullen All my friends are compassionate All my friends are morally inclined Balogun Abdullah and Abd Azeez are self disciplined and respectful. A unique character for good personality Friends of mine portrays praiseworthy attributes. Real friends embraces lofty values Ostracizing atrocities and delinquency Who are my friends? An intellectual person. A noble and righteous being. Spiritually, emotionally and mentally perfect.


AL QURAN. Al-furqan A holy book revealed in the month of Ramadan A guidance and criterion for all Muslims Indeed, Al Quran is sent down By the noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW) As a reminder to humanity Indeed, Al Quran is like a casket of diamonds But many are unaware of it Shall any other book give good tidings to man? Definitely NO! Al Quran is a book full of blessedness A great watchword and modus operandi to a believer. The only scripture embodied with inspiring words. Muslims, Let read what have been revealed -Quran For it's rewarding and perhaps a guidance Al Quran have established prayers for the remembrance of Allah. For it prohibits immorality and wrongdoing And set precise details for good moral practice Muslims, Let read and learn what Al Quran entails To increase our Iman and not to go astray Indeed, Quran guides and purifies the soul. So when the Qur'an is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy.(Al_Afaf 7:204).


Oh, Almighty God Fortify, strengthen and improve my pen My pen whose work is purposely inking To correct humanity to positivity And serves as a corrector to the right thing Completely with out writing to promote Immorality, injustice and laxity. May the ink of my pen never get dry For my writing should be rightward In order for my writing not to dent my personality or warranting disgrace to me. _Afeezwrites


MAHBUBAH, MY ALL IN ONE. Mahbubah, My heart clasp when you glance at me. You are the clock in my heart, Sounding tick tock, tick tock. Love is pure and perfect. Your presence is always joyful and awesome. You are all I keep thinking about. I'm always glad you are part of my life. My all in one, It's amazing seeing you in khimar. You are a lady with high standards. I'm wired with your love Sparking in affection and kindness Dear Mahbubah, I love the way you talk, walk and smile And most importantly your steadfastness to your Deen(Islam). Your attitude is excellent It evokes more initiative and more happiness. You are my best friend, Indeed, full of great virtue. My heart echoes and beat for your love, Becoming an habit to me. Your love is like a wind Blowing lofty values and beautiful things. My all in one, All I need is your intimate love. _Afeezwrites. ©2019


Never relent Life is full of predicament All of takes is God's grace Stay focused on the right path. Never quit!


Life is not the bed of roses. Do your best in the world you found yourself The choice is yours Hard work and Honesty are of help Procrastination is a barrier Make a  good decision!


A unique and beautiful quality The reward is inestimable A valuable virtue, that bring admiration Earning man exaltation and respect Trust stabs lies! It's praiseworthy to be trustworthy.


Civil disturbance is a public pandemonium or hullabaloo that disturbs and do nothing good to a peace loving nation. The problem of civil disturbance is immensely increasing the rate of unemployment, corruption, poor economy and other immoral vices. I therefore wish to say that this threat has it root from the government and little could be apportioned to the citizens of a particular country. It is undoubtedly clear that the government is responsible for civil disturbance in Nigeria which is annihilating the peace and tranquility of the country. In first place, the abuse of the fundamental human rights by the government gives rise to the threat of civil unrest. Unlawful detention and arbitrary rullling drives the people to protest. Making use of security and other law enforcement agencies to intimidate and oppress the people tends to lead to mass killing of the people and breakdown of law and order. Without any iota of reasonable doubt, Human Rights movement have been downsized and r


Stop it! Oppresiveness and burdensome Under the cruel of bad leadership Leaders oppressing citizens and advancing their self interest. It is disheartening and nauseating! So the labour of our heroes past; Has been confronted with dismal Having a deleterious effect on our generation Our beloved nation, Once experience good governance Justice undoubtedly prevailed. But now replaced with misrule and corruption. Nigerian, What political system will suit my dear country? Nigerian are suffering immeasurably. Our heroes has fought for our independence Let uphold unity and peace To defend our country virtue and sustain a true democracy. Yet, hope is not lost. Compatriots, let with love, peace and oneness Restore our fatherland for a better Nigeria For equity, justice and good governance Must reign!


LAGOS. Eko! Koni baje. Lagos, center of excellence Occupied by people from all walks of life Rich in excellence. Lagos, The state is a not a bed of roses Struggling to eke out of life abound All it takes to make ends Smartness, strength and strong agility. Traffic jam is inevitable Who wins the race to board a bus? Only those, who are strong enough Ready to be courageous As no time for excuses in Lagos. Lagos, Bless with many resources Inviting and distinct tourist attraction There is Eyo in Lagos Highly full of traditional dresses of white attire Accustomed to perform during the Eyo festival Lagos, The state rots with people Full of intelligence and striving to live. A happy and peace loving state in Nigeria. _ALAO, Afeez Oluwatamilore (Afeezwrites) ©2019 09023585750.


I slam; a religion of peace Submitting to Allah's will. Simple, reasonable and practicable. A way of life for moral, social, A spiritual development of humanity. Islam is not a mystical group abounding superstition, dogmas and priest craft. It doesn't demand a blind faith. Nevertheless Islam unfold five fundamentals. Iman_Faith in Allah Solat_Prayer Zakat _Alms giving to the needy Sawn_Fasting in the month of Ramadan Hajj_Pigrim to mecca. Islam teaches monotheism And shuns polytheism. The last Prophet Muhammad Teaches Islam, To restore the world to his original purity From all human adulteration. It teaches truth, peace and other lofty values And opposes negativity.


Calamity and crisis kept blazing Like a morning sun shining Sad and sobbing heart What ear will listening to our cry? To the voice of distress and torment Everyone is lonely and angry To the awful condition Pretending to be happy when pain strike But doesn't mean everything is going well Just keep smiling to hide fear and tears Life is not the bed of roses But hope is not lost, Greatness is achievable. Take a new step, desist from deceit. Hope for the best, hope is never lost. Pray and seek for the right path. Never let life and dignity mishaps discourage you. Strive to make the best from mistakes. ~Afeezwrites.


IF I WAS GOD 'If I was God' No one is comparable Home and diaspora. A supreme being Creating in one, Grace, Mercy and Glory. The distinct, rare and peculiar being. 'If I was God' All thing on earth None in exception. The creator will have made me, Perfectly and wonderfully Void of errors. Made to his world, Without imperfections. 'If I was God' Seeing a fellow, empty in all, No garment,only a short Not even a flip-flop I will give. Because, God is the giver, The beneficent and merciful. Oh God, The companion of pilgrim. The wisest and comforter of all being. My refuge. _Afeezwrites


Politicians... These hawks Hooting and hovering To prey on citizens who are free from guilt. They have come again To spell out promises lacking fulfilment. Defiling our nation precious endowment. Nigerian; let take a stride To restore our beloved nation From these eagles, Stealing our God-given endowment With deceitfulness and sugarcoated words Nigerian Let be alert,awake and aware. For a noble cause, To build a nation where peace reign. Unity and justice prevail. So help us God.


LOST LOVE II Your love is wonderful and beautiful My heart is filled with your love It's a crime to forsake you. Love I see all over you The feelings in my heart I express To prevent a boredom heart But now, you resist and deceive me I cried and cried What a lost love? ~Afeezwrites


Evoking the feelings of love Here and there Like an hunter chasing an antelope Whirling for are love I have been intoxicated with your love _love - in - a - mist. Who indeed will announce your exit? A doctor _ an announcement causing distress They said she had gone Sad voices and words You left me on the earth with a sobbing heart In your love I found love and hope But no longer at ease _ _'lost love'. ~Afeezwrites


Selflessness. The manner of been selfless and unselfish. The motivation by no concern for others. I need to be selfless; The world I found myself needs to be selfless. To relate and live in tranquillity. Without disturbance, violence and stress. One should strive to make the world serene, And may there no be war and disagreements. Selflessness to humanity is very essential. One of the best tools to live a life of fulfilment. Those who are selfless are free from grieves An endless gifts awaits such an individual. One should be selfless and altruistic, For self-centeredness begets debasement. Selflessness to fellow homo-sapiens; Is very to necessary to uphold An outstanding attribute of great importance. Selflessness, a commendable quality.


Will you marry me? While others desist To settle and focus for a good future prospect Hoping for a good tomorrow. Will you marry me? For time is so precious to waste. Even among the unlearned, Deceitfulness and atrocities are unjust. Still the affection go beyond my control. Will you marry me? For me not to be prompted to sin Through atrocities and hypocrisy Killing my integrity and loyalty Dizzying and perplex about her love Filled with disappointment and apathy. In the midst of lost love Unfairness and unfaithfulness exists Let embrace a profound affection and love Through godliness and understanding Amidst honesty and perseverance To secure a good marriage and blissfull togetherness. A matrimony where; Truthfullnes and care exist among spouse. And providing succor to offspring .