Team work is rewarding and beneficial. In a serene town known as Victory island, there lived three dear friends whose names are Bode, Yinka and Adekunle. They were intimate friends who established a an Oil manufacturing company after there graduation from higher institution.

Bode, Yinka and Adekunle were in this business for a long time struggling to make ends meet. Although Victory island is a big city that's full of great opportunity. Bode studied Business administration in school and through his accounting knowledge, he was able to audit and do well in the financial records of the firm. Yinka and Adekunle read Petroleum engineering and there able to use the little they had in the fabrication of oil and lubricant.

After some years of these three friends togetherness and struggle to eke out a living and not been discouraged by any distractions. These three friends oil manufacturing company performed excellence and awarded among the best. After series interrogation with these friends on the secret behind there success, all they could give as response was we have been together in unity and sees nothing as distractions 'Unity is strength'


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