Democracy is a system of government traced to Ancient Greece and coined from two Greek word -'demo' meaning people and 'kratos' which means to rule, these two words metamorphose to what is term to be Democracy.

Nigeria is practicing a democratic system because of it unique peculiarities. Has defined by the 16th American president Abraham Lincoln as' the government of the people, by the people and for the people' .Democracy offers the qualified citizens to elect those who will represent them in any position through the medium of casting their votes.

The benefits of democracy can not be overemphasized, it guarantees the fundamental Human Rights of the people. A democratic system helps to avoid any encroachment on the liberty and freedom of its citizenry.

The principle of 'majority rule' which implies that the candidates with the highest number of voter should be declared the winner of any kind of elections conducted in a country. Majority rule enables the representative to lead the electorate in line with the laid down stipulated rules and regulations -Constitutionalism.

Nigeria as been regarded as the 'giant of Africa' also because of the uniqueness in her system of government we practice. Another dividend of democracy is the principle of supremacy of law above every individual making the dispensation of justice free and fair against favour and intimidation. Free, fair and credible elections is also attached to a true democracy. The doctrine of separation of powers/authority is also attributed to a democratic system make unconstitutional act declared void and also seen as an antithesis to anarchism and arbitrary ruling.

Independence of the judiciary, the judiciary is been insulated and made free from the interference from the two other organs of government in the administration of justice in the state. Dispensation and adjudication of dispute have been easy under a democratic system unlike the military in politics.

Under a democratic government, individual rights are respected and guaranteed because it is through them the ruler derives it legitimacy and authority. Tyranny, dictatorship, totalitarianism and other forms of misrule are declared null and void under democracy.


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