Moral decadence has been a cankerworm that is militating on many youths and students in our society today which needs urgent consideration. They is no smoke without fire, moral decadence can be traced to many things as a causative factor towards this malady.

Foremost is broken home. This is a situation in which husband and wife divorce or dissolve their matrimony and leave their wards with no concern. Many youths join secret cult group or even engage in all sort of immortality on the platter of parents dissolution of marriage.

Secondly, the good for nothing father and mother. Also parents on the other hand are exacerbating this problem. The economy situation of the country today have made parents to send their children put there to hunt for food which equally leads to the child street life living and even be force to perpetrate unlawful acts.

Some parents now encourage examination malpractice, parents bribe teachers, lecturers, head tutors for the falsification or results which is really down falling the country's educational system. This practice had made students to take there studies with no value.

Furthermore,moral decadence can't be only caused by parents but also the kind of friend youths moves with nowadays. It is widely known that evil association corrupt good manners. It should be noted that orientation on friendship and interpersonal relationships will greatly contribute to the kind of friends one accompany.

Juvenile delinquency is another factor rocking the society today. In these days when teenagers plays truancy, sexual violation of females by mala counterparts. Many youths have forgotten the saying that 'a stitch in time saves nine'. When a individual begins in unacceptable and undesirable activities such as thuggery, bad company, immoral vices e.t.c.It usually ends in physical combat, a situation which could leads to untimely death.


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