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Democracy is a system of government traced to Ancient Greece and coined from two Greek word -'demo' meaning people and 'kratos' which means to rule, these two words metamorphose to what is term to be Democracy . Nigeria is practicing a democratic system because of it unique peculiarities. Has defined by the 16th American president Abraham Lincoln as' the government of the people , by the people and for the people' . Democracy offers the qualified citizens to elect those who will represent them in any position through the medium of casting their votes. The benefits of democracy can not be overemphasized, it guarantees the fundamental Human Rights of the people. A democratic system helps to avoid any encroachment on the liberty and freedom of its citizenry. The principle of ' majority rule' which implies that the candidates with the highest number of voter should be declared the winner of any kind of elections conducted in a country. Majority rule ena


Moral decadence has been a cankerworm that is militating on many youths and students in our society today which needs urgent consideration. They is no smoke without fire, moral decadence can be traced to many things as a causative factor towards this malady. Foremost is broken home. This is a situation in which husband and wife divorce or dissolve their matrimony and leave their wards with no concern. Many youths join secret cult group or even engage in all sort of immortality on the platter of parents dissolution of marriage. Secondly, the good for nothing father and mother. Also parents on the other hand are exacerbating this problem. The economy situation of the country today have made parents to send their children put there to hunt for food which equally leads to the child street life living and even be force to perpetrate unlawful acts. Some parents now encourage examination malpractice, parents bribe teachers, lecturers, head tutors for the falsification or results which is r


Teacher, An embodiment of knowledge and wisdom, Training and nurturing learners. Like an individual paddling a canoe. To express there desire and potentials Towards a good achievement and better ending


Islam; a religion of peace Submitting to Allah's will. Simple, reasonable and practicable. A way of life for moral, social, A spiritual development of humanity. Islam is not a mystical group abounding superstition, dogmas and priest craft. It doesn't demand a blind faith. Nevertheless Islam unfold five fundamentals. Iman_Faith in Allah Solat_Prayer Zakat _Alms giving to the needy Sawn_Fasting in the month of Ramadan Hajj_Pigrim to mecca. Islam teaches monotheism And shuns polytheism. The last Prophet Muhammad Teaches Islam, To restore the world to his original purity From all human adulteration. It teaches truth, peace and other lofty values And opposes negativity.


Team work is rewarding and beneficial. In a serene town known as Victory island, there lived three dear friends whose names are Bode, Yinka and Adekunle. They were intimate friends who established a an Oil manufacturing company after there graduation from higher institution. Bode, Yinka and Adekunle were in this business for a long time struggling to make ends meet. Although Victory island is a big city that's full of great opportunity. Bode studied Business administration in school and through his accounting knowledge, he was able to audit and do well in the financial records of the firm. Yinka and Adekunle read Petroleum engineering and there able to use the little they had in the fabrication of oil and lubricant. After some years of these three friends togetherness and struggle to eke out a living and not been discouraged by any distractions. These three friends oil manufacturing company performed excellence and awarded among the best. After series interrogation with these fri

Hard work pays

Many dividends are fond under been hardworking. Although diverse challenges or unpleasant situation may emerge before success but that are just training individuals to be industrous, courageous, focus, determined and self esteem. With out any iota of reasonable doubt, when one is hardworking one get success. Hard work guarantees success. In achieving achieving goals efforts must be excerted. In a nutshell, let shun laziness and uphold hard work because. 'Hardwork is a future payoff while laziness payoff now'.