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Success has no short route. What could be done? Burning the mid night candles. Time needs sacrificing. Be time conscious! Idleness is a failure Procrastination is of no help Talking too much is a barrier Your success is in your hands It is not by chance But by choice. The right way to succeed, God-fearing, a right path Honesty and hardworking are of help.

Reading is fundamental.

Reading gives one the opportunity to get idea from printed or written materia ls . It offers the priv ilege to discuss more about what one never see . Reading helps one to make right decision and gives the view about right and wrong situations about an issue It is of no doubt that if one concentrate on reading works 9 Government, one knowledge about politics is broadened. It get one familiar with political issues. And also, through reading work of Psychology one comes to understand better on human emotional and mental behaviour. The essence of reading is to know and through reading, one knowledge is widen. For instance, when a student read books he get to know authors. Commitment to reading is rewarding pastime and a continuous source of knowledge.

For better Nigeria!

Nigerians enjoys little or no social infrastructures which is indeed having a devastating consequence on the people. This could be lack of good and credible political or unqualified public servants. The little the masses of this country enjoy are been vandalised and destroyed by those who don't want an advanced and developed nation. So, useful social amenities that can possibly make things better and easy are not been freely accessible to all and sundry. This situations often hinder a better nation development because people standard of living will be brought down. This circumstances are obstacles to good and better Nigeria.